Website Design

Our websites are all custom designs and unique. Your business will stand out from the crowd! Our designs are responsive, meet accessibility requirements and are built on a solid use-friendly foundation.

What’s in a website design?

An effective website design needs to be built just for you and includes a range of elements that need to be taken into consideration during the website build process. A website design isn’t just about the way a website looks, but also about the way a website functions..

Fresh & local designs

There’s a range of ‘out-of-the-box’ website theme templates available. Each one looks great when displayed online as a product you can purchase, however, many people come unstuck when trying to use a pre-designed templates for their own purposes. The reason is simple, the template wasn’t designed for your requirements and your content. Every person we develop websites for have a new set of requirements and that requires a freshly designed website.

6 design features a websites needs

When we design a new website there’s a range of things that need to be mapped out and considered. All of our website designs we build adhere to the relevant website development best practices and standards. Our code is clean, tidy & developed using valid mark-up.

Here’s 6 things all website designs need to take into consideration during development.


Responsive website designs

Websites should work on a range of device sizes, starting the designs mobile first. This allows all users the ability to see what your website is about and access your services or products easily.


Consistent colours & brand reflective

Your website should be designed to reflect your current branding and brand direction. There needs to be room for growth and changes in the future. Images need to also be consistently edited to match the sites design. Contrast between the background of the website and content is important to make sure all browser types display the content clearly. These are just a few colour consideration we take into account when developing a design for your website.


Planned architecture & navigation

Websites can be rather complicated in todays world. A planned architecture and navigation structure is vital for effective usability. The information needs to be well presented and clearly displayed. We plan out a websites architecture before development begins, taking into account future website growth.



User-friendly websites are accessible to everyone including blind, disabled and the elderly. Websites need to be designed so that anyone using screen readers can still access your content easily. We build websites to cater for all of your websites visitors.


Easy to read content & usable forms

The layout of your content is important to make sure people can find what they are looking for in an easy to read layout. The presentation of a page needs to take into consideration the amount and type of content that will be displayed. When we build websites we think about the content hierarchy and focus on key parts.


Fast load time

A website should load within under 2 seconds and no longer than 6 seconds. A websites search engine ranking and visitor usability will be effected by the sites load time. Visitors will likely leave a url page when a website is taking too long to load. We optimise our websites to ensure a fast load time.

Individual designs

A website needs to be reflective of the people behind the business and the businesses brand. What is it you wish to achieve, how do you feel about your website and what is the message or goal do you wish to reach visitors with? All of these things will determine how we go about presenting the website design elements.

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