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Custom App Development

An App, short for Application is generally considered a program you can install and use on your mobile device (phone or tablet). It gets a little more complicated when Microsoft, Apple and Google also use the word when talking about any of their software products that are also used on a desktop computer (as an installable bit of software) or as software that is used within a web browser (also referred to as a PWA or Progressive Web Application).

In any case, an App generally helps the user perform a task, like share a photo (Instagram), play a game (Candy Crush) or chat with others (Messenger).

Dinosaur Coast Management Group App

Be sure to check out our featured app development! The Dinosaur Coast Management Group in Broome needed an app developed to enable people to identify tracks and trackways along the Dinosaur Coast.

The app provides educational information, track images (silhouettes and actual impressions), 3D images that represent what the dinosaurs may have looked like, as well as all important tide times. We chose to deploy the app as a PWA to enable easy updates as well as test the waters on usage and features.

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