A functioning website is critical to your business

Gone are the days where your website was “set and forget”. Your customers, suppliers and partners expect to find your website online, up-to-date and functioning, and you want peace of mind that it is available 24/7 and not going to spread malware and viruses! Your website is a source of customer leads, revenue and marketing information … while it is offline you miss out on all of those things!

Just like your car, a website needs maintenance

These days most websites are running software that allows you to manage the content yourself. This software is usually called a content management system (CMS), examples include Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal.

In the fast paced online world this software is continuously being updated with new features and optimisations, as well as fixes for bugs or security holes. Websites also make pretty easy targets for scammers or hackers that try to deface your site or even take control of it.

This is why it’s important to know what your site is running, as well as how and when to update the various components, just like having a regular service done on your car. Keeping your site software updated keeps your site running well and minimises the likelihood of the bad guys getting in and potentially bringing it down.

Should I do it myself?

Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time consuming, technical and also a little tedious. While you are messing around with your website you are not building relationships with your customers, staff and partners. As technology continues to evolve, it can also be hard trying to keep up with online trends and developments.

Without a background in web development, sorting through what you need from what you don’t can be a minefield … and headache!

There is a better way!

If we’ve built your website, we know it intimately inside and out. We know the unique combination of software and technology that has gone into its creation, so we are in the very best position to keep it up-to-date and running and open for business.

With over 15 years web development experience, even if we haven’t built your site, we are confident we can manage your site like it was one of our own!

We’d love to take the stress, worry and possible headache that comes with managing a website, from your shoulders, by offering a care plan to suit your needs.

Introducing our Website Security & Care plans

We have 3 care plans that we feel will provide the best value, as well as high security, to most of our clients.

per month
The bare minimum security for any website
Security check & monitoring
CMS & plugin updates
Full website backup
per month
Safe, secure & with continuous improvement
Cloud based content delivery
Cloud based threat management
24/7 site monitoring & alerting
Security check & monitoring
CMS & plugin updates
Full website backup
Basic SEO checkup & advice
4 content items* published

Pay monthly with no minimum contract term

What each part of the plan means

Security Check & Monitoring
Your site files (usually javascript or php files) will be checked for code that may have been added by a virus or unauthorised software. Your site may also have files “appear” suddenly without being specifically added by the web developer … these may indicate the site has been tampered with. Login and access to the site administration will also be logged and monitored for suspicious behaviour.
CMS & Plugin Updates
Your CMS software and any plugins used, will be kept up-to-date in order to prevent potential security holes letting in malicious users or programs. This is one of the key foundations for a secure website.
Full Website Backup
Having a full and current backup is important! Sometimes an issue may result in lost information or corrupted files (from hackers or a virus) and the only option will be to restore from the last know good backup. Most sites running a CMS will need their files as well as the database backed up.
Cloud Based Content Delivery, Thread Management & 24/7 Monitoring
An initial layer of protection will be the setup, correct configuration and monitoring of external cloud based services that help speed up your website, monitor website traffic for direct attacks (and block if need be) and provide up-time monitoring and notification should the website be seen as down for some reason.
SEO Checkup & Advice
Keeping your website content search engine optimised is necessary in order to have your website show up in search results for specific key phrases your customers may be using.

We’ll review your website pages and make continual changes to the page meta information (the behind-the-scenes information) and page content so that they are optimised to suit your industry and business.

* Content Publishing
Your customers, and search engines, love the information only you can provide about your business, industry, products and services. This information can be presented as blog posts, how-to articles, tutorials, product reviews, white-papers or case studies.

We’ll format and upload the specified content (that you provide to us) directly to your website. We’ll even search engine optimise the content so it fits in with your overall online marketing  goals.

Please note: If you’d like us to organise, research, create and publish relevant content on your behalf, we can do this as well, however this is a separate service and not available in the Website Security & Care plans.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Give me a call on 0418 746 123 and I’ll be able to explain them further.